Badge of Intelligence

5 Credits

Obtain the mark of honor. Seated amongst the best in the academy.

Badge of Diligence

Awarded to the most of diligent members. Do a lot of more lessons and enroll courses then you’ll be considered truly above the others!

First-time enrollment

1 Required Step

  • Enroll a course 1 time

Are you the next weekly champions?

10 Credits

Do quizzes and lessons to earn enough points and gems for you to be declared as one of the Weekly Champions.

4 Required Steps

  • Complete a quiz 3 times (limited to 1 per week)
  • Earn 5 Credits
  • Earn 500 Gems
  • Complete a lesson 5 times (limited to 1 per week)

Welcome to Aircraft Maintenance Academy

200 Gems

You will earn this achievement when you have successfully completed the Introduction to IR 4.0 course. Good luck!

1 Required Step

  • Complete Introduction to IR 4.0 to receive this achievement